Swamp Security


I’m in a huddle of people. The discussion centers around the best route for my husband to make a delivery of a very sensitive, dangerous product. I decide I should go as well but i can’t ride with him. Thats ok I say, I can take the car and I have the GPS if we get separated. Everyone seems hesitant to let me go but I persist- he’s my husband,I’m going. In an instant of time we are driving on a five lane highway with towering bridges, impressive architecture. I see him ahead of me , I look down for a second and bam! he’s gone. I can only assume that he turned off at the exit back there. I look to the GPS to see if it reroutes me, but instead it starts to lead me in the opposite direction. I turn around, cut across all five lanes bringing traffic to a screeching halt and hope that if I take the same exit I will either catch up with him or I will finally be on the right path. Much to my dismay He is still no where in sight,I drive as far as I can until there is no where for me to go. I am at a dead end, the GPS flashes an error message and suddenly everything go’s dark I can’t see, I feel heavy.

I wake up, what happened, where am I? I have a pain in my neck, its cold, wet and everything smells like fish. As my vision comes back into focus I see that I am in a large fishing net in the water. They warned me about this I thought, I grab my knife from my boot and attempt to cut the rope to escape as I do a there is a swift movement and the net is dunked repeatedly in the water so quickly and violently that i can barely hold on to it to keep my self above water. I look down and there are two more people in the net with me…..

Like a pile of dirt they

dumped us on the rocks

Hold on to the top otherwise you’ll drown! I shout as the net go’s down one last time and instead of coming back up it starts to roll us around in the water. I can’t breathe the water is tumultuous and Im dizzy. I finally shout OK! I’m sorry! I won’t step foot on your land again. Just like that it ceased, the crane holding the net brought us over to the shore and like a pile of dirt dumped us on on the rocks. Now this shore line is familiar it looks like something from back home bed rock emerges from the water, giant boulders break the waves. We sit on the shore for a few moments catching our breath and discussing how each of us got there. A central connection was made: we all had wandered onto this one path to no where, a dead end , then darkness.

At first it was me and two others, we get up and survey the area to figure out where we are. Behind us open water, in front of us open fields dappled with groves densely populated with trees. What we can agree on is that wherever we may be, we are as far away as possible from the land we were banned from even stepping foot on or so we thought.

Rifles in hand they shout for

them to drop to their knees

There is an uneasy feeling in the air, we can’t see anyone but its like we are being watched. We make our way to the tree line to find cover, as we do we see militants with rifles in hand, their heads and faces covered. Interrogating every person they come across, they point their guns, shout for them to drop to their knees and search through their bags. When they can’t find what they are looking for they leave them there on the road to pick up the pieces. It is dusk at this point and we just need to find a place to lay low, we duck down until the militants turn away and run as fast as we can into the nearest grove. “Did we make it?” “I think so” I say “they seem to be leaving”. We need to get across to the other shore as fast as we can, under the cover of darkness is our best bet. We find shelter amongst the trees and wait for nightfall.

A spot light appears from within, the fog clears and creatures emerge from the water.

We manage to make it but as we approach the opposite shoreline a strong fortress emerges. It is so heavily guarded there is no way we can get through, our only hope is to go around. As we are wandering through the woods we come across a bog, fog hangs heavy in the air and a green substance sits on top of the water. Rocks protrude out of the dark, still, waters close enough for us to get across to the island in the centre. We couldn’t see what was on the other side but it was our only option so we went. We balance hopping from rock to rock, trying to navigate the dense darkness amidst the fog. As we are about half way across we knew something was wrong, the silence broken by movement. What was that? I whisper, I don’t know just keep moving he says. There! the water its bubbling!, we both freeze as a spot light appears from within the bog. The fog clears and we see creatures emerge from the water. They have a long neck, a head that looks like a green army helmet, and a giant eye ball with which the spot light shines from. Across the way a bird takes flight only to be caught in the beam of light, analyzed and then vaporized into thin air. We look at each other and make a run for it back to where we came, dodging the beams of light until we are able to dive for cover. Catching our breath we stayed down stunned and questioning our sanity. We noticed that they respond to movement, it caught the bird before it targeted us when we ran, so we formed a plan to make it across the bog undetected. This was our only option and our only hope to make it out of this land alive. 


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