The Wolves at dawn


There is a great commotion outside I go to the window just as the phone begins to ring. My Father answers it, on the line was our German Shepherd ” Master, You better get down here” I don’t wait, I run out having already heard the ruckus. I see a dog in our shepherds pen tied up by both front legs, each stretched in the opposite direction. He is forced to stand on his hind legs and bow his head. What was more concerning was the pack of wolves that were snapping at every bit of flesh and fur they could reach over the fence. The closer I got, the bigger they were.

They’re eyes a vengeful stare

They stood taller than me ,a petite 5’3, some black, some silver there were 5 of them. For what ever reason the fence seemed to be keeping them at bay but I knew not for long. They got fiercer by the minute, snarling, foaming at the mouth, they’re eyes a vengeful stare focused on one thing and one thing only. You could feel the vibration through your body with every growl. My heart pounding in my chest, I run into the pen. Our Shepherd fighting back and doing what he can to keep them out. I stand there looking at this poor, tired dog. He is a sandy brown mutt, hard to tell exactly what breeds he inherited. His breathing is heavy, weakness fills his eyes, he cant even hold up his head long enough to look at me. I think to myself “I don’t know how he would have” accidentally” been tied up like this.. his leash fastened to the fence wrapped around one leg and a tethered rope around the other tied to the nearest tree branch. This was on purpose and he was bait. I get him loose as the wolves are breaking through the fence, I can’t stay because our shepherd would sacrifice himself to protect me so I run.

I feel it give and bounce

under the weight of the wolves

I run with the dog to our raised deck in hopes that whomever is inside will be watching and let me in. I make it to the stairs and grab a broom. I turn just in time to wack one of the wolves in the nose making him pause, I climb three steps. I put myself between the Dog and the wolves and I lunge again but this time he’s ready and he catches the broom stick in his mouth, bites down and snaps the end off, I climb two steps. The 5 of them form a triangle with the biggest at the front, every step they take is strong, imovable. I scream the deepest, loudest, strangest scream I can muster but my voice is gone, nothing comes out. I climb one step. I try again and again until a breathy gargled mess comes out but it doesn’t startle them or even make them pause. I imagine I sounded more like a wounded animal.. easy prey. They just tighten ranks and crouch lower to the ground ready to pounce, I climb three steps.

The distance between us became too great and they advance, I run up the remaining two steps and over to the sliding glass door where the dog already was. We are cornered, I bang on the glass but no one comes. I wave the stick in the air and try to scream, I bang on the glass even harder but still no one comes. I can hear the wood creek, I feel it give and bounce under the weight of the wolves. I repeat the process this time hitting the glass with the broom stick to create a louder sound. Desperation clings to my screams and hot tears fill my eyes. I feel an aggressive anger take over inside, and I take the deepest breath I can. I scream as loud and as crazy as I can, making myself seem bigger and run at them, they retreat. However they are intelligent, they look at each other and turn to charge back but before they can I take my stance and do it again. I have them on the stairs now a more comfortable distance. I don’t think I’ll get away with it a third time but I don’t have any other options.. just then the door Slides open the dog runs inside and I slowly back away until I can turn my back and run.


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