Canyon Beneath the Lake


I open my eyes and breathe deep. The land is filled with lush, dense, cedar forests gently caressed by fresh water shorelines. White sand and stone mix with bedrock that gives the water a rich deep blue outlined with turquoise hues. It is Beautiful. Instead of traditional homes there are tree houses, twinkling lights and solar powered lamps line the paths to guide your step. I look to the horizon as the sun sets, I was playing in the shallow water with my cousin, when suddenly I was gently pulled out into the depths by a rip tide, but not your normal rip tide,I didn’t really go that far before I was on a dry sand bar. The tide had gone out like someone had slurped their last bit of drink through a straw. As I got to my feet laughing at what had just happened I turned around to find the most astounding scene, the sky was filled with rich orange and red hues, beams of yellow streaking the sky and there they stood… the most magnificent Rock formations you have ever seen, standing taller than a city lined with sky scrapers, the tide had revealed a world that we did not know existed until now. Of course this needed to be explored, I could not go alone and it was night fall, we needed light. I ran back to the main lodge looking for my friends to share the excitement, wrapped in a towel dripping wet I find them and we head back to my tree house to change. On the way he is there, my heart races, I don’t know why I feel this way around him, but I do. We all share what we are about to do and he agrees to come, as we walk to my tree house he grabs my hand to hold it and I love the sensation. I change and we all run to the shore as we stand there looking out into the vastness and the wonder at how a lake could be turned into a desert in an instant. We forget to breathe and then as if of one mind we begin to explore these undiscovered ancient rocks hoping the tide doesn’t return as quickly as it left.  Im lost in the beauty of it all and then…


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