When life has stripped you bare, when the storm takes its toll. Don’t forget what at the center, remains within your soul.

From the outside looking in, one might toss you out, conclude there is nothing left to save. You see your reflection and may even think the same. Withered, torn and fallen leaves. Brittle and broken branches. A ghost of what you once were, soon to be dust. Mourning your losses both great and small, you turn within yourself too tired to fight, too tired to move on. You try and save what little life you have in the branches but to no avail. You close your eyes and tell yourself, this is ok, I can rest now. As you sit in the darkness of your heart, one deep breath and the next, you let go. Adrift, diving deeper, only to be startled into awareness by the presence of light. A strength, an immovable force at the core. You try to push past it, you don’t want to fight anymore. The more you push the brighter it burns. It will not let you pass, it will not give up.

And so you sit, suspended in solitude. Just you and you. Each with your own desire and you realize there is no where to go but grow.

There is no special place of rest here, no safe chamber. Just the onslaught of storms and merciless elements to face. Decaying remains, the soil deprived and yet.. there is resilience.

Strong roots can face relentless, unforgivable storms, turn the harshest conditions into life nurturing environments; can prove to everyone including themselves that there is new life to be found amidst destruction and it however small is worth saving. 

Don’t Give Up.

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