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*kaplow* don’t you just feel the weight of those^ words? So what am I talking about here? well you’re not going find insights into my deep dark sense of humored soul. I think there are universal truths that we all learn at some point in our lives and how we respond to those lessons can send us down different paths. I think it’s important to learn from each other and from the past.

We all come from different walks which gives us all a unique perspective on life and choices that we make. We are all in a constant state of improvement and growth. Our views change as we gain knowledge and experience. What causes one person to accept change and growth and another to try and control that which will inevitably move forward to remain stationary?. I think it’s important for us as individuals to climb to the top of the mountain as it were ,look down on what we know and what we have learned. If we remain in a fortress of our own making we lose out on one of the most important, fundamental processes of what it means to be human. If we don’t find the courage to embrace this vital process, while we may keep on living, a part of us will surely die.

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Lifestyle, gardening adventures, taking care of our planet, life experience thus far and what it’s taught me and so on. To error is human, what I have learned from some of my favorite human examples is that we all make mistakes, to imply that we are flawless is like one of those nightmares where you are taking a math test naked and hoping no one in the class notices until they all do. I think Humility is one of the greatest strengths a person can cultivate, when you are humble you are open, confident, willing and able to learn.

Quotidian Reverie means ” Pleasently lost in ones thoughts, daily” after all.

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