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Welcome to ‘The Arts’

When you are younger you want to do “all of the things” and gratefully you have the time. As time progresses you find that you have less of it, some may view this as a tragedy I choose to view it as opportunity. As the old adage says ” Jack of all trades, master of none” Its good to dip your toes into as many creative pools as you can testing the waters but if you spend all your time dipping you have none left to take a deep dive and have a good swim .Its good to leave your waters from time to time to grow and find inspiration as an artist. When you return you will find your pond bubbling forth with fresh, sweet, new life. So wether you have plenty of toe dipping time or you’ve found your pool. I hope you enjoy exploring the waters here.

What you can expect to find in this category

Definitely not videos of me dancing *strike a pose*. You will find stories, photography and more as I work to expand the site. You will be on this journey with me as I grow and hone my skills. You will see me succeed and also fail. If for nothing else maybe you will find something here that adds meaning or gives thought to the world as you see it through my eyes, after all that is what Art is.

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