Who doesn’t love a good dream? I have some pretty crazy adventures when I close my eyes, I’ve decided to share them here. I’m not in to ” Interpretation ” of my dreams or looking into them for signs. What I look to for guidance and direction in life is a conversation we will have another time.

What you can expect to find in this category

These are real dreams

A telling of real dreams I have dreamt. I don’t embellish, I tell it exactly how it happened.I start each dream off with the word ” Sleep” and end it with the word ” Awake” an indication of the first thing I remember and the last. Why does it read like a story?

Since I write what I remember, I describe everything. What the details were, what I said aloud, what I thought. What the suroundings looked like, what actions took place. Most of the time I go on some epic adventures, sometimes I have repeat dreams about things that make no sense at all. Its a blessing and a curse. When I do dream I wake up feeling as though I’ve gone and lived another life in another world. I’ll wake up having the wind knocked out of me, my muscles will be sore, my heart will race, etc. and I even feel every stomach in the throat moment as each tornado sends me plummeting toward the ground.

I write only what happened

in the dream.

Sometimes I can control what will happen in my dreams. I dream in both color and black and white but rarely at the same time, I recollect that has only happened once maybe twice. I will even pick up where I left off in a dream after waking. I remember every tiny little detail and sometimes I will dream about something that is so real I wake thinking that it actually happened, my reality is a little hard to decifer at times haha. I recently learned that my grandfather was the same way.

Happy Reading!

Ta for now.

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