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My Very first story, that I can remember, was about a dog who just wanted a sibling. In the end she concluded that while her family was small the amount of love wasn’t. Flash Forward a few years and you see me sitting in my Grandpa’s Chair, note book in hand watching the birds out the window. My Grandpa loved feeding the birds and always had his trusty identification book within arms reach. Thus began my second story that I can remember, it was about a kingdom of birds, the corrupt Cardinals ruled , the Bluejays were their lackeys and very brutal ones at that. The story centered around two chickadee’s and their fight for true justice.

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag…

Mary Poppins

I don’t know why I stopped writing stories after that, instead I turned to writing poetry and song lyrics. Gotta love those coming of age years, confusion, Hormones, attraction and betrayal.. so dramatic. In more recent years most of my writing has been focused on documenting my dreams you can read those here.

What You Can Expect To Find In This Category

A lot of grammatical and sentence structure errors, I am the Queen of run on sentences haha. I have always enjoyed story telling, it can be good entertainment and a powerful teaching tool. We can see evidence of this throughout our world.In every culture there are new stories unfolding and ancient ones passed on from generations. A story can relate both true events and fictional ones, Here you will find mostly fiction.

The greatest teacher, failure is.


This is purely just for fun. English was the hardest subject for me in school, something about my brain and language theory just doesn’t click as those of you who have a mind for it will soon see. Bare with me, I fix things as I find them or my loving husband comes to me and says things like… this is a really really bad run on sentence. He makes me better and I love him for that. That about sums it up. Happy Reading!

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