Sourdough Bread Recipe

Lets get right to the crumb of the matter... Makes two loaves Leaven Ingredients: 3 Tbsp active sourdough starter75 grams ( 1/2 cup) Flour - All purpose or bread flour75 grams ( 1/3 cup) Water Dough Ingredients: 525 grams ( 2 1/2 cups) devided1 Tbsp salt700 grams ( 5 1/2 cups) Flour- you can replace … Continue reading Sourdough Bread Recipe

The Wolves at dawn

Sleep~ There is a great commotion outside I go to the window just as the phone begins to ring. My Father answers it, on the line was our German Shepherd " Master, You better get down here" I don't wait, I run out having already heard the ruckus. I see a dog in our shepherds … Continue reading The Wolves at dawn